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FISA 806 Welfare Guide – Feedback

A summary of the recently received queries relating to FISA 806 Welfare are as follows: 

  1. Contractors have now embraced the Welfare Recommendations with many sourcing a facility for site use; but feel that main tender/contract does not always reflect /include cost of welfare; and still seeing contract awards going to those who do not provide welfare. 
  2. Shared welfare, particularly when haulage is separate contractor, not always given costs /costs not always reflected/no agreement if used as a shared facility – just expected to provide. 
  3. Concern that ongoing welfare issues are detracting from more important issues with higher risks…
  4. Seeing forest management companies who previously provide facilities now not providing…

Responses and other links can be found here, including HSE letter re Access to hygiene facilities for drivers.

We continue to welcome your feedback by email to marked for the attention of the FISA Worksite Operations WG

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