The Accord

The UK Forest Industry:

  • Believes that all fatalities and injuries are preventable.
  • Supports development of a new safety culture where the health, safety and welfare of all those working in the forest industry is a fundamental priority.
  • Believes that through strong and committed leadership we can work collaboratively to significantly improve the health and safety performance of our industry.

We are committed to achieving this through:

  • The creation of a dedicated Safety Group to provide the necessary strategic direction and impetus to raise health, safety and welfare standards throughout the industry.
  • Providing clear and proactive leadership to change attitudes and behaviour at every level in the industry.
  • Involving everybody working in the industry to ensure individual and collective responsibility for health and safety, avoiding unacceptable risks and challenging unsafe practices.
  • Developing a mechanism for the industry to share safety statistics, data and information.
  • Maintaining and improving through training the competency of those working in the industry at every level.
  • Recognising that improvements to the industry’s health and safety performance requires sustained commitment and action - being equitable and fair to all those involved.