How much does FISA membership cost?

The Accord is run as a 'not for profit' organisation, and its principle in funding its activity is based on the 'Everyman Principle'.

All of us in the forest industry have a moral duty to improve the safety performance of our industry, therefore the funding model is based on the large majority of participants contributing to the Accord on a very modest level, recognising the financial pressure on all operations and the need to be fair and equitable and provide value for money. We believe the benefits available will far outweigh the cost of membership.

FISA membership fees are reviewed annually - rates showing below are for 1 May 2024 - 30 April 2025.

There are two classes of membership; Corporate and Individual.

  • Corporate – includes Sole Traders, Partnerships and Companies
  • Individual – solo contractors and Individuals ONLY

FISA requests business principals to take out Corporate membership and then apply the appropriate subscription metrics in the interest of fairness and raising funds to invest in the work of FISA.

The level of subscription paid by each member is indicated, by assigning a 'Tier' and this will be displayed on the website.

INDIVIDUAL membership (Tier1) costs £42.08 plus VAT per annum. A subsidised rate which does not allow a member to show detail on the website beyond, their name.

CORPORATE membership (Tier2-10) costs from £139.65 plus VAT per annum. The following fees apply for larger companies with examples shown. The application form will calculate these for you.

1. For those businesses directly working in the wood supply chain:
E.g. Processors, sawmills, hauliers, merchants & harvesting contractors.

Unaudited levy based on £0.002625 / tonne or /m3 over bark applied to the tonnage handled by the business.

2. Those managing &/or owning woodland and forests:
E.g. Managing agents, land agents (individuals and businesses), forest managers (individuals and businesses), forest owners.

Unaudited levy based on £0.002625 / tonne or /m3 over bark applied to the tonnes handled or sold by the business annually; 
A levy of £0.002625 per hectare of forest or woodland owned or managed.

3. Other forestry related businesses supported by the supply chain:
E.g. Forestry ground works, equipment suppliers, machinery suppliers, clothing suppliers, safety equipment suppliers.

A subscription based membership to support the safety development of the industry applied at a rate of £0.2625 per £1000 of turnover per annum.


Timber Processor or Sawmill:

- Direct timber operations 300,000t pa @ £0.002625/t = £787.50
- Haulage 200,000t pa £0.002625/t = £525
- Total = £1312.50 plus VAT per annum


- Haulage 150,000t pa @ £0.002625/t = £393.75 Plus VAT pa

Harvesting Company:

- Harvested 1,000,000t pa @ £0.002625/t = £2625 Plus VAT pa
- Haulage 1,000,000t pa @ £0.002625/t = £2625 Plus VAT pa
- Total = £5250 Plus VAT pa

Forest Manager or Agent Owner:

- Timber marketed 80,000t pa @ £0.002625/t = £210 Plus VAT pa
- Area under management 300,000 ha pa @ £0.002625/ha = £787.50 Plus VAT pa
- Total £997.50 Plus VAT pa

Forest equipment supplier:

- E.g. Medium size business £2m turnover pa @ £0.2625 per £1000 of turnover = £525 Plus VAT pa
- E.g. Large size business £5m turnover pa @ £0.2625 per £1000 of turnover =£1312.50 Plus VAT pa


- E.g. Annual tonnage worked 60,000t pa @ £0.002625/t = £157.50 Plus VAT pa
- E.g. Annual tonnage worked 150,000t pa @ £0.002625/t = £393.75 Plus VAT pa