Membership benefits

The Forest Industry Safety Accord (FISA) is committed to providing real value in its output to all of its members and supporters. Clearly, we are at an early stage in establishing the Accord, but here are a number of examples of the benefits we hope to bring to the membership and the industry at large:

  • You will be joining a network of fellow members committed to improving the health, safety and welfare of our industry. Over 30 founding members have already signed up including four of the largest contracting businesses in the UK and the Forestry Contracting Association. These founder members are committed to providing the initial funding to get the Accord up and running.
  • The ability to influence the development of the UK forest industry safety culture through the Accord steering and working Groups, 
  • Access to the FISA Web site
  • You will receive (subject to email access) forest industry safety news, safety bulletins and alerts regarding the industry and current operational practices.
  • Have access and visibility of the current forest industry safety statistics
  • Updates on accident and incident trending along with current safety issues
  • Use of a confidential industry accident and incident hotline reporting systems
  • Access to industry competency recommendations and example outlines
  • Invitations to FISA arranged  events, training courses and seminars
  • The opportunity to join the FISA working groups
  • FISA will seek to achieve beneficial recognition for its membership from forest industry insurers
  • The opportunity to display the Safety Accord logo and branding on your vehicles, website and company paperwork.