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Timber Stacking in Ports

Creel Maritime Safety Bulletin

A recent quayside event emphasised the importance of operational pre-planning when stacking timber in ports.

FISA Safe Access Report

Updated Feb 2023

February 2023 - FISA Forest Haulage WG provide an update to the safe access report to include vehicle recovery.

FISA CPC +F Training Feedback

At the recent Driver CPC/FWM haulage session in Inverness, a range of key safety points were raised in the discussion – all points that could help improve haulage safety on your sites:

Ban on tyres over 10 years old for heavy vehicles

From 1 February 2021 Construction and Use Regulations will not allow tyres aged over 10 years old to be used on the front steered axles of HGVs, buses, coaches or all single wheels fitted to a minibus (9 to 16 passenger seats). So, if used it will mean a dangerous fail at annual test and a prohibition.

Forest Haulage Videos

The FISA Forest Haulage Working Group identified the need for an induction video (new HGV drivers into the forest) available since September 2021 and there is now a series of training videos to complement the CPC +F training course.