Forest Works Manager (FWM)


The FWM is the person or organisation who commissions the work on a forestry site. They can be a sole trader, forestry agent, timber buyer or contractor. They are typically an employee of an organisation who contracts, directs, and instructs the work, including any haulage operations. They can at times also be the Landowner, for example when a Landowner directly engages contractors to carry out the forestry operation.

The WG having drafted the ‘FWM Framework for CPD’ will continue to offer support to the industry on the role of the FWM, in safety information, guidance and CPD advice.

CHAIR - Iain Calvert - Scottish Woodlands


Simon Wallis - Euroforest
Mark Tansley - Euroforest
Beinn Rutherford - Scottish Woodlands
Stuart Wilkie - Scottish Woodlands
Chris Pike - Tilhill
Nicola Abbatt - Tilhill
Tom Newton - Tilhill 
Fahra Collins - Forestry England
Clare James - Forestry England
Pat Sherry - Balcas
Des Campbell - DAERA
Brian Wilson - DAERA
Phil Mostyn - NRW
Carl Wannop - NRW
Alastair Henry - Forestry and Land Scotland
Benjamin Drake - Egger
Matthew Whitehead - Fountains Forestry
David Venables - Woodland Trust
Rik Metcalfe - Woodland Trust
Mandy Maynard - Lantra
Victoria Laurie - MWMAC
Olivia Weaver - Focus on Forestry First
Gillian Clark - FISA


Raise awareness of the extensive role carried out by the FWM, with clear guidance and advice. Working in conjunction with the other FISA WG’s to ensure the role of the FWM, in relation to other forestry roles, is well understood. Helping to develop guidance to comply with safety law and to conduct forestry work in a safe and healthy manner.


  • Working with industry training providers to share suitable FWM CPD training events with the industry.
  • Encouraging organisations to share FWM CPD training events with the wider industry.
  • FWM WG to offer advice to industry on FWM enquiries. Sharing of FWM examples via the FISA website.
  • Provision of two FISA FWM CPD modules per annum in support of industry.