Forest Haulage


As production increases, we need to ensure that the UK Forest haulage fleet is safe and efficient. This covers round timber, aggregate, machine and general deliveries within the forest environment. All stakeholders should be aware of the need for appropriate minimum standards in HGV equipment, load security as well as forest roading and access. 

The transportation of timber to market is a critical part of the supply chain - this group will dynamically promote safe operation in loading and timber movement in the forest. It will liaise with the relevant Timber Transport and governmental bodies including RHA, Confor, TTF, FLS and NRW across the UK.

The group will continue to provide a link between the industry and key vehicle and component manufacturers, ensuring updates on safety innovation is communicated in both directions.   


CHAIR - Gillian Clark


Peter McKerral & Co

Coille Haulage

Michael Oliver –Ferguson Transport

Jonathan Ritchie –James Jones

Mark Crowley – FLS

Wally North - Forestry England

Steve Price - Tilhill Forestry

Mick Bottomley - FLS

Jacqueline Roberts - NRW

Kieron M Owen Transport Ltd

SGS Timber

Neil Stoddart - Creel Consulting

David Stoddart – A W Jenkinson

John Scott – JST Services (Scotland) Ltd

Murray Clark - Clark Engineering

Paul Boobyer - Timber Transport Forum

Katherine Gostick (observer) - HSE

Gillian Clark (support) - FISA CEO


To discuss safety issues and keep the UK timber haulage industry well informed.


2020-2022 Actions and Priorities: 

  • Review and produce a guidance note ‘708 Working at Height regulations’ 
  • Deliver a Forest Haulage  CPC / CPD Module ‘+F’ based on the FISA Forest Haulage Safety Manual
  • Produce a Forest Haulage Safety Training / induction video
  • Consult with industry to produce a Guidance note ‘707 Roundwood in Ports’
  • Revise the Driver focused – FISA Forest Haulage Safety Manual
  • Work with relevant FISA working groups to ensure haulage issues, such as roading, and operational integration with other forest users is embedded.
  • Review / work with Training providers to ensure future loader training meets specific forestry requirements. 
  • Continue to monitor guidance on load security / timber strapping - arrange an overseas visits to review Haulage Safety and load security innovation
  • Garner feedback on safety issues from Haulage companies and drivers to maintain an open loop on safety development.