Electrical and Utility Awareness

Attendance Event Objectives and Standards


Overhead, surface based and buried services are a significant worksite hazard and constraint across many forestry work types and work phases:

  • Planning
  • Mobilisation
  • During operations
  • Servicing, maintenance, material, and equipment supply
  • Wood product onsite processing works
  • Timber haulage

The attendance event has been created to raise awareness of the key issues, outline industry standards in reference to the principal roles and responsibilities.


The power-point based presentation is designed to be delivered to a group.

The presenter line up should consist of at least one experienced FWM and a representative of the Regional Electricity Distribution Network Operator in which region the event is being held.

It is expected that the Electricity Distribution Network Operator would have the knowledge and experience to cover the hazards of electricity Transmission Networks and buried service hazards in general.

Other presenters able to make significant contributions would be:

  • representatives of other buried service owners such as Gas and Petrochemicals
  • forestry staff or operatives with personal experience.

There is an outline ‘presenters notes’ accompanying each slide.  Presenters can add additional commentary as they see fit.


There would be clear advantages if the attendee group included personnel from across the wide range of forestry activities and roles, to engender a mutual understanding of the hazards, constraints and the respective roles and responsibilities.

  • Landowners and Landowner’s Agents
  • FWM’s
  • Supervisors
  • Harvesting
  • Forest Road building and Maintenance
  • Ground preparation, drainage, and peat restoration.
  • Machine servicing
  • Forest Haulage, including timber haulage, machine low loader, equipment and material delivery.
  • Fencing
  • Survey
  • DNO forestry liaison personnel


Allowing for viewing of slides and embedded videos, questions, and discussion, the attendance event should be expected to last in the region of 5 hours.  This does not include breaks.  As such, allowing for travel to and from the venue, it would best be presented as a dedicated day event.


The venue should provide seating for the number of expected attendees.

Suitable welfare to support the number of attendees.

A suitable viewing screen either electronic or projected with associated projector and supported audio to allow video content to be heard across the venue and if required, audio to support presenter’s voices and questions or comments for the attendees.

The presentation hosts may choose to provide refreshments, tea/coffee and/or a light lunch, or advise attendee to bring a packed lunch.

Confirmation of attendance

FISA attendance template which may be used to document individual attendance.

Attendance by FWM’s may be used as a demonstration of CPD with the FISA FWM Framework for Competence.


Awareness events in 2024

Do you want to join a FISA hosted Electrical and Utility Awareness event in 2024?

The event will be a half day event and is a good way to gain competence development and an e-certificate of attendance will be issued. The event will be free to attend. 

More detail here - get in touch and we will announce event venues after we have established interest.