Safety Library

The Safety Library holds a wide range of items. These can be filtered using the categories listing on the right-hand-side or bottom of the page.

Machine Fires

Scottish Woodlands Quest Guide 3.07

Machine fires are infrequent but high hazard events. A risk to life, to valuable machinery and equipment, worksites and woodlands, adjacent properties and to the environment.

Wild Boar

Sites are seeing increasing numbers of wild boar, often in wooded areas. The Landowner needs to ensure that hazard information on and around forestry worksites are communicated to the FWM – including the more random hazards!

Emergency Planning – what3words & UK Grid references

With the increased use of mobile applications to determine locations for both work and leisure it’s important to understand the limitations of these methods. This document highlights those limitations and provides guidance on obtaining accurate location details for the purpose of Emergency Planning.

Rural Crime – Report, Report, Report

Rural crime contacts for UK & Ireland

As an industry, we have all heard accounts of theft and vandalism – these range from opportunist thefts to large scale organised crime.

It is vitally important that all rural related crimes are reported to the police, no matter how insignificant.