The Landowner responsibilities  as covered under Section 3 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and in the FISA Guidance on Managing Health & Safety in Forestry are dependent on adequate knowledge and competence in  carrying out these duties (or the appointment of a competent agent to act on behalf of the Landowner). 

The Working Group has two main purposes:

  • To receive tasks or commissions allocated by the FISA Steering Group.
  • To collaborate with other FISA Working Groups e.g. to consider emerging outputs from other Working Groups and their relevance for those discharging Landowner responsibilities.


  • Advise the Landowner sector; raising awareness of their accountabilities and responsibilities in helping plan and operate a safe forestry work site.
  • Provide and share examples of best practice with the forestry sector
  • Improve the understanding of the need for selecting competent Agents/Forest Works Managers.
  • Improve understanding within the Landowner community of the need to ensure sites are safely planned in advance of work; providing clear site hazard information and effective site safety co-ordination

CHAIR: Gillian Clark


Gillian Clark – FISA

Simon Hodgson – FLS

Graeme Prest - FLS

Jim Colchester – Buccleuch

Gavin Adkins – Tilhill

Andy Greathead - Savills

James Simpson – Forestry England

Wally North - Forestry England

Ollie Hughes – Gresham

Graham Carter – Gresham

Gordon Pfetscher - Woodland Trust   

Ben Clinch - Moray Estates

Laura Eulert - Crown Estates

Andrew Bronwin - Bronwins

Des Campbell - NI Forest Services

John Dempsey - Coillte

Richard Hunter - Confor

Tim Barrratt - Bidwells

Mick Bottomley - FLS

David Edwards - Tilhill

Rik Metcalfe - Lockhart Garratt

Greg Jones - NRW

Stephen Young - SLE

Ian Robinson - Scottish Woodlands

Michael Ryder - Oakbank

John Deakin - National Trust

Phil Mostyn - NRW

Steve Conolly - Cawdor Forestry

Kathy Gostick - HSE