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Chain Shot Management – Risk Reduction and Mitigation

Scottish Woodlands Quest Guide

It is estimated that 1 in 50 chain break occurrences will result in some level of chain shot release. While the rate of instance is very low, the consequences can be serious. The person most at risk is the machine operator.

Chainshot - manage the risk

FISA Technical Note 004

Chainshot has been the cause of several fatal accidents around the world and a near fatal accident in the UK 2019.

This FISA Technical Note will explain what Chainshot is and the control measures ALL persons can put in place to reduce risk.

Tree Shears/Grapple Saws

FISA-AA Safety Alert

V7 update - 23 April 2021 - The machine should also have visible or audible overload warning (loads over 1 tonne), check valves, be marked with SWL and be subject to LOLER thorough examination (if operator not protected by FOPS/OPS/ROPS or if there is a risk that loads may be lifted over or close to people).

Thanks go to the FISA Plant & Equipment Tree Shears/Grapple Saws Sub-Group, chaired by Sean Reilly for pulling this safety alert together so quickly in support of the industry.