Learning & Behavioural Change


The Accord sees behavioural change at all levels as a key priority in improving safety performance. This is a mature state for any industry to achieve and is not arrived at though any easy or quick means. We wish to research and develop a longer term Behavioural Change Action Plan. Target is to cover all of the forest  industry sector.

CHAIR - Mike Bridge - Independent Consultant 


Pat Sherry - Balcas
Helen Jackson - Forestry England
Andrew Leslie - A W Jenkinsons
Alastair Henry - FLS
Robert South - Bronwin & Abbey
Fiona Angier - Confor
Caroline Riches - NRW 
Kay Maguire - Coillte
Sam Howard - SRUC
Jude Alexander - Scottish Woodlands
Amy Irwin - University of Aberdeen
Gillian Clark (support) - FISA CEO


Develop learning opportunities and behavioural change throughout all the work of FISA



Priorities and Action Plan 

  • Provide input to the FISA Steering Group on the concept of behavioural change
  • Raising awareness of the need for safety and wellbeing
  • Input into FISA Strategic Plan to ensure it supports desire cultural change
  • Provide information to FISA Steering Group on incident trends from FISA Members
  • Assist FISA in preparing and delivering an agreed format of Safety awareness seminars/workshops to replace HSE SHADs
  • Ensure full communication process to Web site and membership