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Non-technical skills in forest safety and why we need them

What are non-technical skills and why do we in forestry safety need to look toward these skills within chainsaw work?

Non-technical skills are recognised across high-risk industry as the social (interpersonal) and cognitive (thinking) skills necessary, alongside technical know-how, for safe and effective work performance, meaning these skills can affect the working day, and ultimately the safety of the chainsaw operative! 

To hear more about a recent study designed to investigate these skills in forestry take a look at this Youtube video shared by Doctor Amy Irwin of Aberdeen University. 

FISA is pleased to share this work with you and will offer further outcomes and videos as the studies progress.  Our thanks go to those who are involved in the study, from those on site giving their time in the interviews, to FLS safety team and Aberdeen University.

If you have any questions or comments please get in touch with and this will be passed on to those involved in the study.

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