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Laceration sustained during tree tube removal

Scottish Woodlands Health & Safety Toolbox Talk

A work team were carrying out tree tube removal on a 20-year-old plantation, using open bladed Stanley knives to cut the ties and the tubes. An operative came across a tree which had fallen over, and then grown out of the tube horizontally, jamming the tube underneath it. To cut the trapped cable tie, he had to kneel, work at an awkward angle and use more force than usual, as the cable tie broke, the blade slipped and plunged into his thigh.
The operative stopped work, applied first aid and transported himself to hospital (he was the only driver on site). The wound was inspected and glued back together. A tetanus injection was also given as a precaution.
The operative was back to work the next day.

Read more below on Silvicultural good practice on tree tubes and use of safety knives.

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