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FISA Safety Bulletin - Timber Handling Risk Zones - July 2020

A recent near miss incident on a quayside highlighted the need for vigilance when handling timber in ports and logyards.

Whether in a port, forest or logyard situation, entering a designated Risk Zone (RZ) in a machine or on foot should only be conducted if:

  • A SSOW (Safe system of work) is in place and all operatives informed - this could include horn signals / radios or a proximity alarm system
  • Pedestrians entering a machine RZ must make sure the machine operator has seen them, stopped the machine and has clearly signalled them to proceed.
  • Work together !
  • Machine operators automatically stop works if they see anyone unauthorised approaching or entering the Risk Zone
  • All operatives wear minimum 3 point PPE – including appropriate Hi Viz wear
  • Machinery has Risk Zone clearly indicated – but this ‘number’ should also be discussed at all pre com and tool box talk meetings
  • Ship owners and operators should actively manage the crew and encourage safe working practices at all ports regardless of visit frequencies.
  • Port operators should actively manage the quayside to encourage a safe working environment.

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