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FISA 802

Emergency Planning - amended April 2021

April 2021 - reference to helicopter landing sites has been removed. The decision on a helicopter landing site will always need to be made by the pilot and therefore is removed from FISA 802 emergency plan.

October 2020 - FISA 802 has been amended and there is now a template form available online meaning it can be filled in and printed for use on site.

  • We have added a space for What3Words to be included but feedback suggests that this is not used by all emergency services so should be stated as an addition to longitude/latitude as a location identifier.
  • is a 999 text service that would be a useful option to a phone call where mobile signal is weak or where the user is deaf, hearing or speech impaired. All forestry workers should consider registering their phone for this service.

This guide is vital to ensure that those out on site have the key information they require.  Please ensure you print, complete (laminate in wet weather) and use this guide! 

This guide is kindly sponsored by Trackplot.

The purpose of this leaflet is to help minimise the time taken for the emergency services to reach you and advise on ways to minimise the risk to operators if there is an emergency. It also highlights the need to include environmental and other emergencies within the planning process.



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