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Using a tree jack

FISA Technical Note

Advice from the Chainsaw Working Group aimed at Operators is summarised in this document. These are general guidelines and set out advice at the date of issue; they may not be relevant to your situation or site and it is necessary to use common sense when applying them. A full glossary of terms used is found at the end of the document.

FISA 802

Emergency Planning - amended April 2021

April 2021 - reference to helicopter landing sites has been removed. The decision on a helicopter landing site will always need to be made by the pilot and therefore is removed from FISA 802 emergency plan.

October 2020 - FISA 802 has been amended and there is now a template form available online meaning it can be filled in and printed for use on site.

This guide is vital to ensure that those out on site have the key information they require.  

This guide is kindly sponsored by Trackplot.

FISA 505

Traction Assist

The guide provides a short brief outline of the key safety points; of note in this guide are the QR codes which can be scanned to give the user view of additional set up and safety information from guidance used in New Zealand and Canada.

FISA 806


June 2021 - recent Q&As on remote working, male & female toilets, and Training course facilities

FISA 805

Training and certification

This leaflet is intended to help employers and the self-employed identify the training and, where necessary, the assessment requirements for tree-work operatives.

FISA 804

Electricity at work: Forestry

May 2021 - further FAQs received by FISA.

February 2021 - Queries raised on Underground services.

December 2020 - FAQs received by FISA post the recent update of FISA 804 Electricity at Work. 

This leaflet covers the safe working practices to be followed by those working on forest operations near overhead power lines (OHPLs) and underground electricity cables, who are not working for the Network Operator.

FISA 803


This leaflet covers the safe working practices to be followed when involved in forest or woodland firefighting operations as an individual or part of a team.

FISA 706

Timber Haulage

This leaflet covers the safe practices to be followed when operating large goods vehicles (LGVs) in the forest. 

This guide is kindly sponsored by Volvo.

FISA 705

Steep slope working in forestry

This leaflet covers the safe work practices to be followed when harvesting and extracting trees on steep or difficult ground.