Safety Guides

FISA Safety Guides are listed below and are all downloadable for printing direct. They are numbered in the same format as the earlier AFAG Safety Guides.

The aerial tree work AFAG guides can be found at

Bulk purchase of some of the guides is available - please email for more detail.


FISA 806


This FISA guide is new to the forestry industry and will be released with request for feedback to FISA.  Comments will be fed back to the Worksite Operations Working Group and the guide will be reviewed eighteen months after release.  Having this review period will assist in getting the guide right for the industry; this is important as we want to encourage the industry to step forward and improve the approach to welfare provision on forestry sites.

FISA 805

Training and certification

This leaflet is intended to help employers and the self-employed identify the training and, where necessary, the assessment requirements for tree-work operatives.

FISA 804

Electricity at work: Forestry

This leaflet covers the safe working practices to be followed by those working on forest operations near overhead power lones (OHPLs) and underground electricity cables, who are not working for the Network Operator.

FISA 803


This leaflet covers the safe working practices to be followed when involved in forest or woodland firefighting operations as an individual or part of a team.