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Multiple wasp stings requiring emergency medical treatment

Scottish Woodlands Health & Safety Toolbox Talk

A chainsaw operator was cutting scrub underneath an 11kV overhead powerline, next to a fence line. Hidden in the undergrowth was a wasps nest which he had unknowingly stood on.

Under the sound of his saw, with ear defenders on and his face visor down, he did not notice the wasp swarm. He initially thought the fence had been electrified against stock, and that he was receiving minor electric shocks from this, he worked on for a moment trying to avoid contact with the fence, it was only when he was continuing to feel sharp pains away from the fence did he realise that he was being stung.

He received over 40 stings in total.

Read the full toolbox talk for more detail and recommendation to seek medical observation for multiple stings due to delayed reactions.

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