Safety Bulletins

Electrical Emergency – Calling 105

Scottish Woodlands Health & Safety Toolbox Talk

The Energy Networks Association (ENA) have created a simple 3-digit number 105 for the reporting of all electrical emergencies.

Blackthorn injury

Scottish Woodlands Health & Safety Shared Learning

and associated Cellulitis Toolbox Talks

AFAG Initial Notifications - 2024

Arboriculture & Forestry Fatalities

The HSE are sharing these notifications. Because the incidents are under investigation exact details will not be available and will not be provided with these notifications (either because the facts haven’t’ been established or release may prejudice enquiries).

April 2024 - AFAG Fatal Notification - Struck by tree

Mud on Public Highway

FISA Bulletin

2024 for many regions has meant up to three times the average rainfall.

Now is the time to be mindful of mud on the road and the hazard it can present to other road users. Familiarise yourself with the laws around this and the steps you can take to minimise the impact of mud.

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