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Forest Haulage Videos

The FISA Forest Haulage Working Group identified the need for an induction video (new HGV drivers into the forest) available since September 2021 and there is now a series of training videos to complement the CPC +F training course.

The videos cover:

  1. Planning Ahead
  2. Environmental
  3. Forest Roads
  4. Load Security
  5. Delivery Point
  6. Haulage on Fragile Roads
  7. Forest Certification
  8. Code of Conduct Best Practice - to come

The videos offer an excellent resource for both haulage operators and FWM’s and cover all relevant topics and safety issues faced by the sector. Remember it is not just timber drivers – there are fuel deliveries, low loaders and materials HGV’s working in the forest to always consider.

Furthermore the Haulage on Fragile Roads video is an excellent tool to use when negotiating access routes and dealing with rural communities – demonstrating how advanced the industry is in dealing with access challenges.


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