Safety Bulletins

FISA 707

Roundwood in Ports

July 2023 - Shipping of roundwood has steadily increased over the last 18 months, not least with the storm Arwen clear up in NE Scotland. Many ports previously unused for timber for many years are now being utilised for multi modal shipping of timber and it was pertinent for FISA to engage with this sector to create a base guidance document that can be referenced by ports and hauliers / suppliers.

Timber Stacking in Ports

Creel Maritime Safety Bulletin

A recent quayside event emphasised the importance of operational pre-planning when stacking timber in ports.

FISA Safe Access Report

Updated Feb 2023

February 2023 - FISA Forest Haulage WG provide an update to the safe access report to include vehicle recovery.

FISA CPC +F Training Feedback

At the recent Driver CPC/FWM haulage session in Inverness, a range of key safety points were raised in the discussion – all points that could help improve haulage safety on your sites:

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