Safety Guides

FISA Safety Guides are listed below and are all downloadable for printing direct. They are numbered in the same format as the earlier AFAG Safety Guides.

The aerial tree work AFAG guides can be found at

Bulk purchase of some of the guides is available - please email for more detail.


FISA 306

Chainsaw clearance of windblow

This leaflet applies to the manual harvesting of areas where the majority of adjacent trees have been windblown or broken and also to sporadic windblow, within or outside standing crops. Mechanised systems should be considered as a safer alternative.

FISA 307

Chainsaw felling of large trees

This leaflet covers the felling and crown breakdown of large trees in plantations or of single large trees. It does not cover exceptional situations where the risk assessment shows advanced or alternative felling techniques, beyond those normally applied to large trees, are required. In such circumstances, seek specialist advice and agree safe methods of working.

FISA 310

Use of winches in directional felling and takedown

This leaflet covers the safe working practices to be followed when using either a tractor or hand winch as an aid to directional felling and takedown operations in forestry and tree work.

FISA 501

Tractor units in tree work

This leaflet covers driving tractor base units in forestry operations and other tree work and highlights the machine features and operating requirements.

FISA 502

Extraction by skidder

This leaflet covers the use of a wire, rope, hydratong or clambunk skidder for timber extraction in forestry and other tree work.