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FISA Safety Guides are listed below and are all downloadable for printing direct. They are numbered in the same format as the previous AFAG Safety Guides.

Aerial tree work guides from Arboricultural Association can be found here. A couple of AFAG guides can be found here

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FISA 505

Traction Assist

Thanks go to the FISA Plant & Equipment Working Group; our guide sponsor (John Deere) and all those who supported with technical input (a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers); for their help to produce this brand new FISA 505 Traction Assist Guide.

October 2021 update - focuses attention on the following key safety points. 

  • Training of operatives
  • Planning the work
  • Loss of radio signal and, therefore, key safety displays
  • Rating of the forestry machine assisted by the traction assist
  • Wedge eye/traction assist equipment

April 2021 update - A draft course outline in support of FISA 505 for traction assist winch tethering can be found below. This remains a ‘live’ draft document; further updates will be notified via the FISA member updates.  This guidance relates to new equipment and as such the FISA Working Groups will share further information as applicable

Feb 2021 update - Please note this is a live document and and changes will be announced via email updates.

This guide demonstrates the need for new safety guides to join the suite of FISA guides, to keep a pace with new methods of work and evolving technology.  Work methods as seen in this guide can encompass a wide range of methods.  The guide provides a short brief outline of the key safety points; of note in this guide are the QR codes which can be scanned to give the user view of additional set up and safety information from guidance used in New Zealand and Canada.

Traction aid winches offer a possibility for machines to work on slopes which otherwise would be difficult to negotiate, supporting a move to mechanised working on steep terrain which would otherwise put the chainsaw operator onto complex steep ground.  Traction assist for that reason can offer a method of safer working for some steep ground; although as with any site planning early site planning needs to involve a competent person who can advise on the method of work. A competent person can advise if the site is suited to traction assist; or whether the ground is skylining territory.

The planning process needs to additionally include consideration for the brash recovery, silvicultural and any subsequent ground prep.  If the site is deemed a Traction Assist site for harvesting, other works on the same site may also require traction assist.

The FISA Plant & Equipment WG will run supporting webinars to the safety guide, dates will be released shortly

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