Safety Guides

FISA Safety Guides are listed below and are all downloadable for printing direct. They are numbered in the same format as the previous AFAG Safety Guides.

Aerial tree work guides from Arboricultural Association can be found here. A couple of AFAG guides can be found here

Bulk purchase of some of the FISA guides is available - please email for more detail.

FISA 608

Tree Shear and Grapple Saw

This document provides guidance on the safe working practices to be followed when operating tree shear and grapple saw equipment.

The guide is intended for anyone specifying or approving the use of this equipment, managers co-ordinating such works, equipment operators and those working in its vicinity. It is also highly relevant for equipment manufacturers, suppliers or those who modify machines.

It is essential that all relevant persons should read, understand and implement the control measures highlighted within this guide.

A Tree Shear is a hydraulic-powered cutter that cuts trees and woody vegetation in a mechanical slicing action.

A Grapple Saw is a hydraulic driven harvester chainsaw fitted to a timber rehandling grab.

July 2022 - FISA 608 updated to version 4

Alongside this a suitable training course has been scoped and outlined, this outline will continue to be reviewed in line with the guidance.


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