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Hung up tree left standing during track line felling

This NRW Shared Learning document gives a summary of lessons learnt following a review of a hung up tree that was left standing during track line felling.

Key learning points

  • All operations, including track line felling, must be adequately planned and risk assessed by competent persons. Those involved in planning must ensure the allocation of sufficient time and resources.
  • Track line felling is an activity that requires the combined expertise of both Forest Operations and Integrated Engineering teams, working collaboratively.
  • Anyone involved in chainsaw work must be trained and competent – both the chainsaw operator and those supervising chainsaw work.
  • Hung up trees must only be dealt with in line with methods detailed in training and FISA Safety Guide 302 – Basic Chainsaw Felling and Manual Takedown
  • If hung up trees cannot be dealt with immediately using safe methods prescribed in industry best practice guidance, they must be marked off until such a time when they can be brought down safely, and the FWM must be informed immediately.




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