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FISA CPC +F Training Feedback

At the recent Driver CPC/FWM haulage session in Inverness, the following key safety points were raised in the discussion – all points that could help improve haulage safety on your sites:

  • Need for increased communication of maps and RAMS from main haulage contractor to drivers (basis main contractor has been supplied with these by FWM). Digital format is preferred
  • Better understanding by FWM’s of roads, turning and stacking requirements is needed. No minimum standard of construction seems to be followed or recognised leading to sub standard road surfacing and widths.
  • Need for FWM’s and main contractors to include low loader and fuel delivery sub contractors in distribution of site maps (& RAMS)
  • Increased awareness needed across the industry of codes of practice (TTF COP & FISA HANDBOOK) that are available.
  • Discussion was held on ‘Tread Softly’ with the promotion of double drives in the document seen as a backward step?
  • TTF agreed routes map – could colours be changed to a traffic light system – at current red is on as agreed routes – better if this was green
  • Haulier quality recognition ? – those who are procuring full spec trucks (CTI etc) are often pricing against hauliers without this or who do not use CTI effectively or monitored on its use.
  • Training – drivers have spill kits and fire extinguishers on board but no evidence of being trained. At a basic level this could be simple tool box talks so it is at least recorded.
  • Training – more needs done to assist the industry on new entrant schemes – recent Confor supported events lauded.

For future training dates and more information see here.


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