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Finger injury – 3 Day Lost Time Accident

Highways England - Safety Alert

On Monday 1st February 2021, an operative sustained a significant finger injury whilst unhitching a trailer from a Ford transit van.

• The misalignment was not considered by the team to be significant so a claw hammer and bolt were used to insert/ remove the towing pin (the pin should not have needed additional force to be applied)
• The misalignment (possibly caused by the hitch being previously knocked) should have been logged and the vehicle quarantined from towing activities.

External safety information provided by other parties, FISA is not responsible for provision of this information; but if you have comment, we can feed this back to the party sharing the safety information.

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Tree Shears/Grapple Saws

V7 update - 23 April 2021 - The machine should also have visible or audible overload warning (loads over 1 tonne), check valves, be marked with SWL and be subject to LOLER thorough examination (if operator not protected by FOPS/OPS/ROPS or if there is a risk that loads may be lifted over or close to people).

Thanks go to the FISA Plant & Equipment Tree Shears/Grapple Saws Sub-Group, chaired by Sean Reilly for pulling this safety alert together so quickly in support of the industry. 

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