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Sit Astride / ATV Use

Following recent query calls on ATV/ Sit Astride, a summary of the key points are detailed below.  The topic will be picked up by a subgroup within the FISA Plant & Equipment WG.

FISA 807

Working Near Railways

Undertaking tree work next to railways can pose additional challenges to forestry and arboriculture operations and present a risk to the safe operation of the railway.

December 2022 - FISA Electricity and Utilities Working Group have prepared a brand new FISA Safety Guide 807, which covers the requirements for those that are involved in planning and undertaking work on trees in forests, woodland and other locations next to the railway infrastructure. The guide strongly emphasises the need for consultation with the rail operator.

This guide will be reviewed within 18 months and feedback is welcomed.

Underground services

Underground services are encountered more frequently in forest operations due to urban forest activity and renewable developments in the rural setting.

Roadside Harvesting

FISA received a query from an FWM responsible for a site with active felling of woodland adjacent to a trunk road. 

The response outlines that site planning must take place to ensure that the tree works keep within the wood where possible, and the traffic management plan and roadside safety measures are developed and also put in place.

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