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Essential information on the felling of diseased ash

The felling of dead and dying Ash in effect makes an already hazardous operation much more dangerous, it is essential that every effort is made to fell these sites mechanically and to keep any chainsaw operations to an absolute minimum.
Additionally, managers and main contractors must ensure that risk assessments and method statements are effectively communicated to all operators and that only the most competent and well equipped operators are used on sites where dead Ash is prevalent.

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Tree Shears/Grapple Saws

V7 update - 23 April 2021 - The machine should also have visible or audible overload warning (loads over 1 tonne), check valves, be marked with SWL and be subject to LOLER thorough examination (if operator not protected by FOPS/OPS/ROPS or if there is a risk that loads may be lifted over or close to people).

Thanks go to the FISA Plant & Equipment Tree Shears/Grapple Saws Sub-Group, chaired by Sean Reilly for pulling this safety alert together so quickly in support of the industry. 

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