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Detecting tachograph violations is getting easier

DVSA are trialling remote tachograph sensing equipment across Britain, to make it easier to detect drivers and operators who are breaking drivers’ hours rules.

While most operators follow drivers’ hours rules, there are still offences at the roadside. Breaking drivers’ hours rules has the potential to be dangerous to road users.

DVSA are exploring this technology to help keep Britain’s roads safe. It will mean they can identify many kinds of tachograph violations when travelling alongside vehicles, or from the roadside.

Their examiners will be able to determine whether:

  • a smart card is inserted
  • whether it is correctly calibrated
  • whether a tachograph has been tampered with

They are committed to exploring every available opportunity to help prevent dangerous tired drivers putting themselves and other road users at risk.

If you are a HGV, PSV or LGV operator who has to follow drivers’ hours rules, make sure you:

  • understand your responsibilities as an operator 
  • know how to adequately schedule driver’s activities
  • regularly check your driver's compliance
  • listen and respond to any drivers’ hours concerns raised by your drivers

If you commit a tachograph violation, it’s now easier for them to find you!

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