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This week I would like to draw focus on the BBC Headroom campaign Headroom

Looking after our mental health is more important than ever. Like physical health, we all have mental health and that can vary over time. The BBC is responding to this public need by creating a single, easy to find destination for people to turn to that brings the breadth of BBC mental health content across their services together in one place.

The Covid pandemic has had a huge impact on our mental health and the public’s resilience continues to be tested through this lockdown. People are finding it tough, loneliness has risen from 10 percent of UK adults in March to 25 percent in November and the proportion who say they are coping well with the stress of the pandemic has fallen steadily, from almost three quarters in April to 62 percent in November.

Headroom is a dedicated online resource that recognises the impact the pandemic is having on everyone’s mental health; a toolkit for the mind to help people look after themselves with practical everyday tips, inspiring personal stories, activities and music mixes to boost your mood, escape and relax.

Physical wellness/particularly physical exercise is of course very important; mental wellness is as important, especially during lockdown, and after such a tough year. Whether it’s tips, stories, playlists, documentaries, films, projects, advice or education services, BBC Headroom is an online-support network to help us all navigate this challenging time and beyond.

Extra support can also be easily found on the website via the BBC’s Action Line, with links to an array of specialist services, it really is worth a look.

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