Safety Guides

FISA Safety Guides are listed below and are all downloadable for printing direct. They are numbered in the same format as the earlier AFAG Safety Guides.

The aerial tree work AFAG guides can be found at

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Welfare Provision – additional advice

FISA Safety Bulletin

Employers and those in control to any extent of a workplace (e.g. the Forestry Works Manager (FWM)) must by law, provide suitable and sufficient welfare facilities for their employees.  FISA Guidance Note 806 outlines how the law relates to forestry and includes examples of the standards and levels of provision required for forestry operations. 

Welfare facilities are important elements of modern, compliant work places.  They show respect and a professional commitment to workers.  Whilst site facilities may often only be used at the beginning and the end of the day (and perhaps for a lunch break) it is clear from industry experience already that when appropriate facilities are provided in safe places near the work, they are welcomed and used. In fact, many are using them for purposes beyond the legal minimum such as meeting places to help improve site safety.

Discussion points covered include:

  • Costs of welfare
  • Chemical toilets
  • Towing
  • Planting and other extensive sites
  • Short term maintenance visits and transient sites
  • Power sources
  • Suitable places and positions
  • Co-operative approaches