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Chain Strike

FLS Safety Alert

A FLS chainsaw operator was felling a large tree using a Husqvarna 572 XPG and 24” guidebar with a full chisel 3/8” chain. While tidying up the bottom of the sink cut the chain came loose from the guidebar, shooting back and striking them in the groin.
As is expected of all chainsaw operators, they were wearing their cut‐protection trousers which prevented a serious injury. The trousers were minimally damaged, but had pulled one strand of the protective material out and so needed replaced.

How did it happen?
The chain has managed to bypass the chain‐catcher (which was installed at the time) and exit through the rear of the side plate and extended beyond the rear‐hand guard. The chaincatcher had minor visual damage prior to the accident but was otherwise in its original shape.

Lessons learned
1. Looking over and testing safety features must be done as part of pre‐start checks.
2. Any damage, however minimal, should warrant replacement of the chain‐catcher. Changes in shape/deformity or fractures may not show in visual inspection.
3. Chainsaw protective trousers have helped prevent serious injury, reinforcing the importance of always wearing them.
4. As longer guidebars and chains are used, the protective effect of the rear hand guard reduces.

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