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Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

There are estimated to be 136,000 modern day slaves in the UK, and 46 million worldwide - hideous and impossible to ignore statistics.

In addition to people being trafficked from other countries, there are increasing numbers of UK citizens being trafficked with homeless people being especially vulnerable. Most commonly, people are held in forced labour in areas such as domestic service, agriculture (which includes forestry), fishing, nail bars and car washes as well as in sexual exploitation and forced marriage.

Sadly FISA has previously received an enquiry which falls into this category.  If you have concerns or enquiry relating to this subject, please see below contacts which can help in such situations.


Unseen - confidential UK modern slavery 24hr helpline. Tel: 08000 121 700 (can take calls in more than 200 languages)

The Salvation Army confidential 24hr referral helpline. Tel: 0300 303 8151

Migrant Help. Tel: 0808 8010 503

SOHTIS (Survivors of Human Trafficking in Scotland). Tel: 07749 208972

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