Chainsaw Supervisor course

FISA Chainsaw Supervisor courses, which are mandatory, have been available for several years now.

A cut- off date of the end of October 2016 was set for people to have attended a course. This applies to all FISA members or anyone supervising on a FISA members site.

An expiry date of 5 years will be noted on the certificate of attendance. Comments from the course presenter will be on the reverse of the certificate.

The demands on the Site Supervisor continue to increase. Having sound technical knowledge to manage and monitor operator technique and performance is an important way in which safety can be improved. FISA has now developed a complementary Supervisor course to provide the necessary training update for site supervisors and managers responsible for chainsaw operators.

This course is designed specifically for people supervising sites where chainsaw operations are taking place or may take place at any time in the future. It will provide the attendees with an understanding of the basics of saw operator techniques covered in the FISA Chainsaw Operator Refresher courses RUFC01 and RUBC01.

The attendees will be given an overview on all aspects of saw operations and provided guidance on management techniques when managing chain saw operatives. The course will cover all tree sizes up to and in excess of 2 guide bar lengths.

The supervisors will be given instruction on site preparation, risk assessment, PPE and equipment preparation.

A Refresher Record will be issued for all attendees with specific recommendations.


As part of the Refresher programme, and to complement the Chainsaw Operator training, it is also a FISA requirement that the Site Supervisors complete the Forest Operations Supervisor Course RUSC01.

Do I need to be a FISA member to be eligible for the Training?

No, the FISA Scheme is about setting a standard within the forest industry and therefore FISA training is available to non–members. One benefit of FISA membership is of course that the cost of any FISA organised training will be at a reduced price compared to that for non-members.

Dates and venues for FISA Chainsaw Supervisor courses:

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we are unable to offer any courses at present. Please contact if you wish to undertake this course and you will be added to the waiting list and we will be back in touch with you once we are able to run courses.

FISA members - £110 + VAT 

Non- FISA members - £185 + VAT